What can I give to?

Your support will help us achieve our vision of being a world-leading science faculty. Learn more about how you can make a difference to the lives of our students and researchers and advance scientific research and development.

Support our greatest needs

These unrestricted gifts have tremendous impact and enables us to respond to our most urgent needs – be it financial support for our students, a critical piece of lab equipment, or afellowship for an early career researcher.

Support student scholarships

Invest in the future of science education – help provide opportunities for our best and brightest minds, so that the most deserving can study with us regardless of their financial circumstances.

Faculty of Science undergraduate access and equity scholarships

These scholarships support talented students whose school years have been impacted adversely by personal circumstances. They are awarded on the basis of merit and disadvantage.

Faculty of Science scholarships for high-achieving students

These scholarships offer fee remission and/or a general allowance (stipend) and are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit.

Support future leaders in science

With an excellent reputation in terms of research performance and graduate outcomes, we are one of the most accomplished science faculties in Australia. Our strong performance in international rankings also puts us at the forefront of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

To build on those achievements we need to recruit and support the most promising and inspiring scientific minds of this generation. Fellowships provide for salary and/or research program support for our early-career researchers.

Support distinguished faculty

There is a growing need for scientific leaders to find solutions to the global problems of today, and to identify the challenges of tomorrow. We wish to establish endowed Chairs to attract exceptional scientists into areas of greatest impact. Areas of interest include:

1. Geophysics

The Earth is a source of raw materials, and also has the capacity to provide rich sources of energy through geothermal energy.

2. Bioinformatics / Systems Biology

DNA sequencing capacity is growing exponentially, even faster than the extraordinary growth in computational capacity over the last few decades. Bioinformatics, the computation-based statistical analysis of this immense and rapidly growing body of data, is a frontier in the biological and biomedical sciences. Systems biology extends this focus on large data sets to the entire functioning of an organism, including metabolic function.

3. Ecology

We wish to turn the conventional study of natural biological ecosystems into a predictive science, to enable the prediction of future ecological issues with increased confidence. A Chair in Predictive Ecology would support a scientist who can develop and apply advanced analytical and experimental techniques to our most important ecological questions and issues.

4. The great inspiring questions

Students are inspired by the great questions – the fundamental structure of matter, the structure and history of the universe, the nature of biologicalevolution, the history of hominids, the nature of the eye-brain connection. A Chair established for this purpose would be used to attract an eminent scientist in any of these fundamental research areas. The appointee would have particular responsibility for inspiring students and the public using his or her fundamental studies. Chairs would be named after the principle donor.