Timothy Tan

Timothy Tan

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Country: Singapore

"Having never lived alone in a foreign country before, the first couple of weeks in Melbourne were a little daunting and uncomfortable, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to the lifestyle here. The University provided resources and assistance for any questions that I had, both in terms of education and in terms of living in Melbourne in general."

"Although many world-renowned scientists inspire me, the lecturers that I have come to know are my greatest inspiration. My honours supervisor, Dr Kath Handasyde, in particular, was amazingly helpful and considerate throughout my honours program, always making time to accommodate me despite having several other postgraduate students and course commitments."

"What I liked best about my course was getting to know the lecturers, who have so much enthusiasm in their fields of interest and science in general. Although many of them are very busy with their roles, including administrative work and postgraduate supervision, they almost always take the time to meet with students who have questions and reply to emails promptly. This really improved the quality of education I received and was a source of great inspiration to me."

"The highlights of my experience at the University of Melbourne were probably the times I was awarded a place in the Dean’s Honour list. It was a privilege to be able to attend the awards night as well as receive some form of recognition from the University for the work I put into my studies, which is an opportunity not many students get to experience."

"My experience in Melbourne has been very fulfilling and I have enjoyed my time here. I am currently working as a marine ecologist with an independent research company, and plan to undertake a PhD in the near future at this University, should an appropriate project become available."

"I chose to study at the University of Melbourne in part due to the location – Melbourne being a safe, peaceful yet vibrant city to live in – and also due to the high standard of education in the field of science offered, as shown by the University’s impressive and consistently high rankings among the world’s universities."