Think, Eat, Talk, Grow at UoM Farmers Market

06 March 2015

Staff from the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences Burnley Campus have spent months growing an amazing array of edible plants that were on display yesterday for the Think, Eat, Talk, Grow (TETG) event at Union Lawn, in conjunction with the new Farmers Market and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

The display was designed by Dr Chris Williams, lecturer in urban horticulture, and Outreach Officer Jenny McCoy. The plants were housed in recycled fruit crates and used a mixture of common and more unusual vegetables, including yams, cassava, ginger, galangal, taro, water chestnuts and cranberry hibiscus, to create an exciting, enriching and most importantly, edible planting display. Chris’s edible plant knowledge was put to good use on the day with enthusiastic students from Carlton Primary School and adults from the Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre both participating in workshops and later during an evening discussion panel with other experts.