Simone de Morton

Simone de Morton

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Country: Australia

"The Bachelor of Science allowed me to pursue a broad range of science subjects before I decided which one I would focus on. I chose to major in Geology – the best things about the course are the fieldtrips. Not only are they very enjoyable, they allow us to actively and practically apply what we’ve learnt. We also got to see some of the best geology in Australia and, in many cases, the world."

"I am inspired by the scientist Professor Dorothy Hill, a geologist and the first female president of the Australian Academy of Science. Like myself, Professor Hill chose geology as an elective at university, a decision that she turned into an incredible career. Furthermore, she was a strong advocate of supporting Australian geological research."

"Once I finish my degree I hope to continue in geological research by undertaking a PhD. My advice to students considering science is to not only consider studying the science subjects they know, but to experiment with subjects they’ve never considered before. It can lead to a number of fantastic opportunities."