Prof Barbara Howlett elected Australian Academy of Science Fellow

26 March 2014

Professor Barbara Howlett from the School of Botany has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Prof Howlett is one of the academy’s 21 newly elected Fellows, joining her University of Melbourne colleagues Prof Ivan Marusic (Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Prof Ingrid Scheffer (Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health).

Academy President Suzanne Cory congratulated the new Fellows for their achievements and contributions to scientific research.

“All of these scientists are doing amazing and significant work in their chosen fields – they are the Olympic athletes of science,” she said.

Prof Howlett was nominated for her research in fungal plant pathology, which has improved the understanding of disease resistance. Her research into the blackleg fungus has also had a major impact on the canola industry in Australia.

Professor Howlett acknowledged the work of her colleagues.

“I am very fortunate to lead a multidisciplinary team with laboratory and field –based skills, which we use to tackle practical issues for farmers,” she said.

The team is now applying its expertise on a national scale to predict and minimise disease losses in canola.

Read the full media release.

Barbara's work has also been profiled in the March edition of Voice magazine.

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