The Faculty of Science is committed to developing networks / partnerships that benefit industry and the broader community.

Successful partnerships occur when people and/or organisations come together to leverage their complementary skills. The Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne represents an unparalleled concentration of world class resources – human and technological – committed to discovery, invention and solving practical problems.

We have extensive interactions with multiple industry sectors and our aim is to develop research outcomes that benefit industry and the broader community.

Benefits in partnering with the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science and our researchers regularly partner with companies, industry groups, institutes and government departments through contracts, grants or partnerships. There are various ways for industry to engage our researchers and these include:

  • collaborative research projects;
  • simple contracts;
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage projects; and
  • professional research services.

Organisations can collaborate with the Faculty of Science in many ways. For more information please visit the Industry linkages & benefits web page, or contact our Industry Partnerships Coordinator - Mr. Doug Anderson.

Contracts to develop specialised / customised research equipment

The Faculty of Science has a fully equipped technical workshop that specialises in the fabrication of scientific, laboratory and research equipment. Our workshop technicians are highly skilled and have a wide range of expertise in repairing, modifying and building specialised and standard equipment.

Services include:

  • Glass blowing;
  • Specialised sheet metal and metal fabrication (copper, titanium, stainless steel etc) ; and
  • Wood work.

For more information please contact the Techical Workshop via Mr. Michael Zammit.