Faculty researchers win Australian Academy of Science excellence awards

16 January 2013

Professor Roger Powell FAA (Earth Sciences) and Dr Aurore Delaigle (Mathematics and Statistics) have received honours from the Australian Academy of Science for their contributions to scientific excellence.

Prof Powell was awarded the 2013 Jaeger Medal for research into earth sciences. His research focuses on understanding the physical conditions in which metamorphic rocks form deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Using the principles of equilibrium thermodynamics, Prof Powell has developed the methodological framework and software to enable metamorphic geologists to recover the formation conditions of metamorphic rocks.

Dr Delaigle received the 2013 Moran Medal for research in statistics, for her influential contributions to contemporary statistical problems. These include deconvolution, regression with measurement errors, functional data analysis, analysis of high dimension data, group testing and function estimation. Her approach to developing methodology has an advantage, in that her techniques can be applied to many practical problems at once, in both biological and physical sciences.

Congratulations to them both.

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