Faculty researchers awarded ARC Laureate Fellowships

11 July 2013

Professor Peter Taylor (Mathematics and Statistics) and Professor Lloyd Hollenberg (Physics) have received Australian Laureate Fellowships.

Administered by the Australian Research Council (ARC), this prestigious fellowship “supports outstanding Australian and international researchers to build Australia’s ability to make new discoveries, pursue innovative studies as well as mentoring early career researchers”, the ARC stated, in a media release announcing the fellowships.

The fellowships will provide Prof Taylor and Prof Hollenberg with a five-year, research-intensive position.

Prof Taylor’s project is titled “New stochastic models for Science, Economics, Social Science and Engineering”. Stochastic, or random, phenomena abound in society. This project will combine advancement of the theory of stochastic models at a deep level with application to problems arising in science, economics, social science and engineering; as well as outreach to educate members of the public about random processes of significance in their lives.

Prof Hollenberg was awarded the Laureate Fellowship for his project titled “New views of life: quantum imaging in biology”. This project will create and apply new technology based on the quantum properties of diamond, to attack important problems in biology – from how cells differentiate at the beginning of life to understanding brain function. The results of this project will directly benefit society through the development of new technology for nanomedicine and drug discovery.

Seventeen Laureate Fellowships were awarded this year.

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