Environmental Health & Safety committee

The Faculty of Science is committed to meeting the provisions and requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and thereby to ensure the health and safety of our staff, students and visitors to our facilities. The management of the Faculty will take all measures necessary to ensure adherence to safe work practices and conditions and these will be given priority in the Faculty's planning, procedures and work instructions.

The creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment is an integral part of our operation and we actively pursue the goals of this policy. Australian Standard 4801 and National Self Insurer OHS audit Tool (NAT) are the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards which have been adopted to ensure that these goals are achieved.

It is expected that, through consultation and co-operation, all staff, contractors and visitors will observe rules and safe working practices and make every effort to reduce the risk of injury to themselves, their fellow workers and others.

The management of the Faculty of Science is committed to the provision of appropriate resources and training in order to assist all staff to fulfil their responsibilities and maintain a safe working environment.

Organisational structure

The Faculty of Science 'Environment Health and Safety' system encompasses ten departmental units - the eight budget departments (Botany, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Genetics, Mathematics and Statistics, Optometry and Vision Sciences, Physics, Zoology), the Biology Teaching Laboratory, Bio 21 Institute and the Faculty of Science (Secretariat). Overall responsibility for EHS system in the Faculty lies with the Dean of Science. The system is managed by the Faculty of Science 'EHS Committee', which is responsible for the "Faculty EHS Management Plan" and reports to the Dean via the Planning and Resources Committee.

Day to day management of EHS in the departmental units is devolved to those units, where the responsibility rests with the Heads of Department and the Faculty General Manager. Departmental EHS systems are constructed according to a common faculty EHS Management framework, with appropriately appointed local committees and EHS personnel reporting to the respective Head of Department. Departmental EHS issues are reported either directly to the Dean, Faculty EHS Manager, or through the Faculty EHS Committee.

The Faculty and Department EHS systems operate within the University EHS policy and regulations, and all procedures, documents and records comply with the OHS & Environmental Policy and Procedures of the Occupational Health and Safety and Injury Management Unit (OHSIM).