Aaron Yu

Aaron Yu

Doctor of Optometry
Country: Canada

“Choosing which university to study at is like any other decision you will make in your life – only you can appropriately weigh the pros and cons of each school to decide which to attend. Do you want a city that will give you an international perspective on how people work together successfully? Do you want to be challenged? Do you want to grow as a person? "

“For me, the University of Melbourne seemed a good fit. It offered an optometry degree that is internationally recognised. I was also able to gain clinical experience in my first year, which is the best thing about the course."

“Melbourne is really fun and interesting. There’s always a new laneway to explore or a new restaurant to try. There’s a very strong sense of start-up or family-owned business here (like cafes) that I’ve found to be very unique to Melbourne. Being a multicultural city, there are also many different types of cuisine around the city to enjoy.”